The Gifted January 25 2022

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Story line

Pawaret "Pang" Sermrittirong (Korapat Kirdpan) is a struggling, ordinary 10th grade student in Ritdha High School. Here, a classification system is strictly implemented wherein students are divided into classes based on academic excellence. Pang is in Class VIII, the lowest level, and has no hopes of rising up the hierarchy. But everything turns haywire for Pang when he unexpectedly sees the school's Placement Exam, which gives low-class students a chance to step up in their game. Adding to the mystery, he is accelerated to the "Gifted Program," the highest and most special class in school where only a handful of students are accepted. As he goes through their first sessions, Pang starts to feel something strange about the Gifted Program. Soon, he and his Gifted classmates unleash their long-hidden potentials: supernatural and superhuman abilities that stem from their personalities and behavior.[2] What lies ahead of Pang and his fellow Gifted is a thrilling journey of developing their potentials, discovering the horrible secret behind the Program, and breaking down the system that has been torturing students for generations.[2]

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