ᴛʜᴇ ʀɪᴄʜ ᴍᴀɴ's ᴅᴀ͏ᴜ͏ɢ͏ʜ͏ᴛ͏ᴇ͏ʀ 65

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Story line

Jade (Rhian Ramos) was born into a wealthy and traditional Chinese-Filipino family. She is the youngest and only daughter of Oscar (Al Tantay) and Amanda (Glydel Mercado), the jewel of the Tanchingco family. She is the sole reason the Tanchingco home opened their doors to her mother, who is a pure Filipina with no fortune nor proper education. Jade thought she'd lead a normal life; get married, have children, she believed in her family's culture and traditions. All her life, she has only been with men including her longtime boyfriend David (Luis Alandy). Until one day when she meets Althea (Glaiza de Castro), the wedding coordinator at her brother's wedding, who also turns out to be the woman that will change her life forever. While Jade is straying from her family's traditions, her father will do everything it takes to preserve the Tanchingco's reputation even if it means to make his daughter's life a living hell. Will Jade be able to endure the hardships of her relationship with the woman she loves? Will she obey her father's wishes? Or will she stay strong for Althea? But what if in exchange for this love is the wreckage of her family? Is their love really worth fighting for? This is the story of The Rich Man's Daughter.

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